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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Coming Back...

I been busy with school and my laptop breaking but I'll be back and reviewing websites again in the next week or two. It all depends on when gateway sends it back!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Survey Savvy News

It's been a bit since I posted anything and I assure you some more reviews will be on the way as I join more and more websites. However if you are looking to make some quick money I would recommend taking surveys at Survey Savvy. You get surveys that are pretty easy to complete and they usually take at most 10 minutes for a dollar. I had one rated 7 minutes today and completed it in 4 minutes for 3 dollars.

Check it out!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Clicks For The Year!

I like to ask myself a very important question when I'm clicking ads on a site. How many days a year would I have to click in order to redeem for ads that would last 1 year?

Why is this important you ask? Well I like knowing how many sites I can promote at using 1 site to click and I like knowing how far my clicks go. There are many uses for this actually. If you only want to click for maybe the first 4 months of the year and then redeem for ads that last you the whole year it's useful to know when you can stop.

How can you do this? Well it isn't that hard at all. The first step is to figure out how many ads are normally on the website. I would only bother asking this for websites you actually click all the ads at. Next you find out how much each ad is worth. You also need to find out how much the ad is worth that you want to redeem for. Finally you need an average of how many clicks you get on your ad a day.

Armed with these facts you just now need to do some simple computations. First take the average amount of clicks your ad receives a day and multiply it by the amount of days in a year. This is the amount of clicks you need to earn a year to cover a years worth of PTP. Then divide this by the amount of the clicks the ad you are trying to purchase is worth so you know how many of these ad packages you will want to buy. This is a useful number so remember it when you actually purchase the ad. I then figure out how much I earn a day by multiplying the amount of ads there are on a site a day by how much each ad is worth. Now divide this by the price of the amount of ad packages you need to buy to find out how many days you need to click.

This is a stat that I will start estimating and adding in so that you can figure out how many ads a day there are on a site, how many days you need to click to get ads for a year, and how many clicks you will receive to your ad a day. All of these are important things to remember when maximizing PTP profits.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bang The Links News

I just got my account suspended earlier today. Upon inquiring the admin promptly restored my account. Not much news but just nice to know that the admin is still active and doing what they are supposed to!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cheap Ads!

There are some cheap ads going on right now which I found out while on getpaidforum.com. According to Lighthousewm, which I believe to be the owner of Bang the links, Princess Mails & School Bus of Cash, these ads are being sold. This is the listed prices of LighthouseWM's ads:

"# .0002 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (1000) - $0.25
# .0002 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (2000) - $0.51
# .0002 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (3000) - $0.76
# .0002 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (7 days) - $0.13
# .0002 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (14 days) - $0.25
# .0002 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (21 days) - $0.37
# .0002 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (30 days) - $1.16
# .0004 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (1000) - $0.48
# .0004 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (2000) - $0.97
# .0004 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (3000) - $1.45
# .0004 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (7 days) - $0.26
# .0004 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (14 days) - $0.50
# .0004 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (21 days) - $0.74
# .0004 Targetted Tier 1 & 2 (30 days) - $2.32"

I wouldn't recommend sending it over the forum and just to be safe to actually go on one of the 3 websites and do it there. Link to the forum post is here.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Scam HYIP Websites

I normally frequent talkgold.com a lot and had been hearing about hyips that were using fake libertyreserve websites to steal peoples info. Apparently the problem is more wide spread than I thought. This is what GOLDPROPHET of talkgold.com had to say:
"Dear Friends,

During previous days, I have encountered with some dangerous scam HYIP websites.
The owner of these sites are using fake SCI of libertyreserve.com. Absolutely these are PHISHING sites.
Please note that after login into your account in following websites, for making deosit via LR, the script redirects you to a fake page of LR: libertyreZerve.com or lIIbertyreserve.com and recently lIIbertyreZerve.com


Read the full article here

Turnover Ratios

Another important part of earning with PTP is something I call a turnover ratio. This is a ratio that comes from companies figuring out how long their inventory stays in storage before being sold. It's also a ratio used that tells companies how fast they collect money from people who owe it to them. In the world of PTP there are two uses for this ratio as well. One ratio tells you how fast an ad you purchase finishes. This is important because if you buy an ad for 1 dollar that gives 5000 clicks Tier 1 but finishes in 5 months, it won't give you as much profit as buying an ad for 2-3 dollars that gives 5000 clicks and finishes in 1 month. The second ratio tells you how many days you have to click all of the ads on a website to be able to have a years worth of PTP clicks.

The first ratio is very important to know for a website. The turnover ratio for Tier1/Tier2 clicks is always longer than clicks for all tiers. This is quite obvious to figure out since targeting a smaller number of users will of course take an ad longer to finish. However, it's more important to compare the turnover ratio of advertising on two different websites. Take two hypothetical websites. Website A and Website B. Let us assume we have no target and are going for all tiers. Website A offers 10,000 clicks at 1 dollar and Website B offers 10,000 clicks at .90 cents. Most people will choose website B because it's cheaper. However, this is where figuring out the turnover ratio for a website is important. If Website A completes 10,000 clicks in 2 weeks and Website B completes 10,000 clicks in 4 weeks which is a better buy? Obviously Website A is now the better buy. With Website A you spend .10 cents extra but you get your clicks faster.

Finding the ratio though is much harder. To do this you'll need to keep stats of how many clicks you get a day from websites you have bought ads from. Assuming you are getting similar profits per 1000 clicks at each website you then only need to know whether the price is worth the speed in which you are getting the clicks. To find how fast I get clicks I simply find out how fast it takes an ad to finish 1000 clicks. To do this I first take 5 random days of clicks and take an average and call this clicks per day. I then take 1000 and divide this by the clicks per day to figure out how many days it takes to get 1000 clicks. You now know how long it takes for 1000 clicks to be completed.

This of course is not enough. Simply knowing how long 1000 clicks takes won't tell you whether you are making money or not. You need to know the average profit per day as well now. Right now we have a value that indicates days per thousand clicks. We would like a value that gives us the profit per day. Luckily this isn't a hard value to arrive at. To do this we simply take the value we have learned how to calculate which is profit per thousand clicks. This was gone over in my first introduction to PTP here. We then take this value and divide it by the value we just calculated to get profit per day.

Why do we go through all this trouble to calculate this? Because time matters when you are doing PTP. Profit per day is a much more accurate depiction of how much money you can make and this helps you buy ads that will turn you more profit.

My Top Sites!

This is going to be my Top Sites page. There will be a link to it on the front page and it will be edited whenever to reflect the current states of programs. I am simply going to list my top sites by category and then overall. This is just to help people if they need more PTP programs, Click programs, or places to buy ads etc. Up to 3 will be listed in each section for now so people just know my favorites.

Most Ads to Click Programs:
1. PayingCash
2. ValePTR
3. WorldWide-Cash

Top PTP Programs:
1. Xray-Cash
2. Donkeymails

Top Places To Buy Ads (Target All Tiers):
1. WorldWide-Cash

Top Places To Buy Ads (Tier1/Tier2)
1. RoseBizs
2. ButterflyMails
3. ValePTR

Best Place To Redeem Points/Cash for Ads:
1. WorldWide-Cash
2. ButterflyMails
3. ValePTR

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Articles to Come

I haven't written anything new at the moment and that's because I'm currently gathering a data for some new articles. Most the new articles are based on this data so it'll take awhile for this to actually start. Anyway I just wanted to let ya'll know that I'm not stopping informative articles I'm just collecting data for them. To come most of the articles will be based on something I will call a "turnover ratio". That will be very important to choosing which ads. Articles based on this will have to do with analyzing which upgrades are worth the money, also have to do with how long you'll have to click to purchase enough ads to last a year on that website, etc. Anyway, expect new stuff soon!

WorldWide-Cash Update!

So before I had noticed that many more clicks had been credited on WorldWide-Cash than I was receiving. I reported this to the admin and I am happy to announce that he had found some people using clickbots that were messing up the system.

Here is the official statement from the admin:

"Hi, yes i caught some users using clickbots, that always helps.


Ads should be working properly there again!

Monday, June 29, 2009

WorldWide-Cash Ad Problem! UPDATE!

I got a message today from the admin. The admin is looking into it and hopefully I'll hear more info about what is wrong.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

WorldWide-Cash Ad Problem!


Worldwide-Cash ads have a problem at the moment. Right now the website is crediting many more hits than my PTP links are actually recieving. Over the course of a 1500 click ad I may only recieve at most 1000 clicks. This is before even counting invalids although only maybe 1-3% of the clicks come invalid. I just wanted people to be aware of the problem and I have notified the admin. When it is fixed or explains I'll let people know!


DonkeyMails Payout Recieved!

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

I recieved payout from Donkeymails on Friday the 26th of June. It was right when the site said payouts would be done. Donkeymails does payouts about twice a month or so and they have a LOT of people they pay. I was 950 in line when I placed my request and the cashout option must have been open for another 5 days before they got ready to pay people out. They are definitely one of the most reputable when it comes paying large numbers of people.

Anyway I recieved about 12 dollars or so. Good luck getting your payouts from them just be patient!

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

Xray-Cash (PTC/PTP) Review


Xray-Cash is a great website. In fact I would probably rank it in the top 5 overall. There are so many good things about this website. There are a good amount of ads to click although there is a turning number but you can usually get through all of them with only seeing a turning number 2-3 times. Then you can also buy ads with the points you get. The ads are well priced but the part that really is good is the upgrade. The upgrade gives you a great a mount of ads for the amount of points you spend. The best part about this website is the PTP though. There are 2 links to promote and Tier 2 countries give you a ton of credits as well. In fact, each tier definitely is higher up on the credit line than most websites. If you are doing any PTP this is a MUST have website.
There are two thing I don't like about Xray-Cash though. It's expensive to actually use money here to buy your ads so expect to click and exchange if you want to use this website to advertise. They also don't target to Tier1/Tier2 in any ads so you'll have to worry about that as well. Other than these 2 things this is an amazing website though.

Conclusion: Xray-Cash is one of the best websites out there. A free and amazing PTP, a good amount of ads to click, and a great point upgrade make it a must join and promote for anyone who does PTP.


Number of Ads to Click: 3/5
Ease of Clicking:3/5
Price of Ads: 3/5
PTP Program: 5/5
Upgrades: 5/5
Cashout: 5/5


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aquamails (PTC/PTP) Review

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Aquamails is a site I would describe as mostly average. I guess I would say it's the industry standard. It's got a weak PTP, a decent amount of ads to click but not a lot, and not many incentives to click. However despite being quite average it does have great ads to purchase! They are currently running a special deal that gives you quite a lot of clicks for a little bit of money. Speaking about PTP, Aquamails has a PTP I wouldn't recommend doing unless you are sure you got good ads that target high and were cheap. Their Tier1 is only the US, their Tier 2 is the other countries that are normally in Tier 1 like Canada, and their Tier 3 is like other places Tier 2. The Tier 4 at their website is all the other websites and you only get 1 credit per 1000 clicks. It's definitely not worth doing this PTP. Other than that though it's a great place to ad if you are looking to click more ads and buy more ads.

Conclusion: Aquamails is a mostly average website except for its ads which are very decently priced. More websites should take pricing schemes that help people make a profit in PTP, like this one. Definitely don't try the PTP though unless you realize you'll be getting around .5-.4 credits per thousand when targeting Tier/Tier2. Join this one to ad more profit if you can handle your other sites.


Number of Ads to Click: 3/5
Ease of Clicking: 5/5
Price of Ads: 5/5
PTP Program: 1/5
Upgrades: 1/5
Cashout: 3/5

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paying Cash (PTC/PTP) Review


Paying Cash is a great website for clicking ads for points and buying them to promote your PTP. There are LOTS of ads here. I have found at least 700-1000 ads to click a day. This is definitely a website you want to use for clicking. However when it comes to buying ads with cash you should still stick to Worldwide-Cash. You'll find that both these websites have almost the exact same setup except Worldwide-Cash has cheaper ads to buy. Paying Cash still has it's PTP going though. It's at .90 CPM which is definitely worth it. However for now their Payout is closed so I wouldn't use their PTP until it opens again.

Conclusion: Paying Cash is a great website if you want to exchange your clicks for ads. However if you want to buy ads you still need to stick with Worldwide-Cash.


Number of Ads to Click: 5/5
Ease of Clicking: 3/5
Price of Ads: 2/5
PTP Program: 4/5
Upgrades: 0/5
Cashout: 0/5


Sunday, June 21, 2009

ButterflyMails (PTC) Review


So continuing the good note I am going to review ButterflyMails.

ButterflyMails is a website that focuses on PTC ads. The ad has PTCs sent through email and on the website. They offer lots of these to click. They also offer great PTP advertising. You can buy ads quite cheap and they target Tier1/Tier2. They accept lots of payment processors but only pay out to Paypal and Alertpay(They have E-gold but no one uses it and I do not suggest using E-Gold ever). There's not much other than clicking here and the upgrades aren't worth it at all so I don't suggest even bothering to look at them.

Conclusion: It's pretty much just a site to click PTP ads and buy them. Buy them here because they are cheap and worth it!


Number of Ads to Click: 5/5
Ease of Clicking: 5/5
Price of Ads: 5/5
PTP Program: 0/5
Upgrades: 0/5
Cashout: 3/5


Saturday, June 20, 2009

ValePTR (PTC/PTP) Review


I feel like the last few reviews have been kinda on the downside. I decided today to review one of sites I actually like.

ValePTR is a great program all around. The ads are easy to click and there are LOTS of them. They range from point to cash and all are worth clicking here. If you are looking to buy ads for your PTP I suggest clicking their point ads as there are a lot of them and you can easily earn 1 ad every 3 days if you try. The ads to purchase for cash are also worth it. They are definitely a lot cheaper than some other websites but most importantly the offer ads that target Tier1/Tier2 countries (the highest earners). This is very important thing I look for in any program. While I haven't cashed out with this program they offer Liberty Reserve and I have talked to the admin a few times so I know the admin will be prompt in cashing out. Also there is no cashout fee which is important since many places have a 10% fee. The PTP of this program is upgrade to join. However the upgrade to join is quite cheap so once you've bought ads and used them for other PTPs you can use that profit to upgrade and start using the PTP here as well. It is definitely worth it.

Conclusion: ValePTR is a great program. Although it's PTP is upgrade to join the upgrade is cheap. The ads are also reasonable, target well, and if you are looking to click there is a lot to click on to earn that way as well.


Number of Ads to Click: 5/5
Ease of Clicking: 4.5/5
Price of Ads: 4.5/5
PTP Program: 3.5/5
Upgrades: 3.5/5
Cashout: 5/5


World Wide Cash (Update)


Ya so this is the first Update post I've made to here. Just to clarify they are simply updates of my own personal experience with the website.

I requested cashout from Worldwide cash on Thursday and got my cashout today on Saturday. They do promptly payout on weekends. They sent me the requested amount of $3.39. There was a fee of course before this but I can't remember what it was but it was 10%. More news to come!


Friday, June 19, 2009

World Wide Cash (PTC) Review


World Wide Cash is an example of a PTC/PTP that has fallen from greatness into ruin. It started off an extremely popular website with lots of members and is now down to a PTC website with a bad PTP (points only and definitely not worth it) and bad ad options. All in all World Wide Cash was great when it's PTP was working. It was similar to Donkeymails in that it's PTC wasn't so great and either was it's ads but they still weren't bad either. It's PTC is still almost an even exchange meaning for every ad you click you will be able to buy an ad in their redemption section. Paying direct cash was risky and not worth it however. Also despite their many advertisements of no minimum payout those days are over and now there is actually a minimum.

Conclusion: There isn't much to say about World Wide Cash other than if you need some extra ads and don't want to pay for them this is where you start. Their PTC section is reason and gives you 1 point per ad. An ad package of 1500 clicks costs 1550 points so that's pretty reasonable. Other than that there is nothing left for this site until it's PTP section comes back up.


Number of Ads to Click: 3/5
Ease of Clicking: 2/5
Price of Ads: 2/5
PTP Program: 0/5
Upgrades: 0/5
Cashout: 4/5


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Donkey Mails (PTC/PTP) Review

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

Well the first review is here and I figured I'd start it off with one of the biggest PTC/PTPs there is. Donkey Mails by far is the largest and most popular PTC/PTP online. I'm not sure what has allowed them to stay one of the biggest PTR/PTP sites but they are definitely the first PTC/PTP you want to think of when looking to get into this game. Why? They have a reliable payout and they use Liberty Reserve. It's important to find programs using Liberty Reserve as when you are looking to buy ads the cheapest price you will find is through Liberty Reserve.

I wouldn't use Donkey Mails for everything however. Donkey Mails is simply the most popular website but it really own shines in one area. It's PTP is one of the best PTPs you can join for free that will cash out to Liberty Reserve. Many websites require you to upgrade to join their PTP program but Donkey Mails it's free. It's PTP at .75 per 1000 credits for free! This is the only part of the website I recommend using. Otherwise you will want to use other websites to buy ads. Their clicking section isn't bad though although a lot of websites have better ones. As for their upgrades I would definitely not recommend upgrading to any of their upgrades unless you have a lot of extra cash to spare. They aren't worth it unless you want referrals. I also don't recommend using it for purchasing ads as they are quite overpriced for PTP.

Conclusion: Donkey Mails, while one of the most popular PTC/PTRs is certainly not the best. However I will have to highly recommend their PTP program as it is one of the best out there.


Number of Ads to Click: 3/5
Ease of Clicking: 2/5
Price of Ads: 0/5
PTP Program: 4/5
Upgrades: 0/5
Cashout: 4/5

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

Reviews of Websites

I'm going to start posting reviews of websites that have to do with PTR/PTC and PTP. I'm going to start with these since they are the most basic and safest ways to make money before going over HYIPs and how they work since they are mostly luck anyway.

Reviews will go over certain aspects of the website and give ratings out of 5 stars. Such ratings will go over earning potential, ease of clicking, whether the ads are worth buying, whether their PTP is worth doing, and whether their upgrades are worth the money. I will also give a small synopsis of my experience with the website and their admin team.

Expect reviews to start coming!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pait to Promote (PTP)

So now that you've gotten an introduction to the PTC/PTR world you will want to move onto the next way to make money. Paid to Promote is where PTC/PTR sites really shine. This is where you will make the most of your profits but it's also where you will need to do the most thinking.

Paid to Promote is a feature of PTC/PTR websites that allows you to promote their specical website. There are rules however. You can't promote this website in autosurfs and a person can only click the link once. Also you can only promote it at websites they tell you to. Most of these websites are other PTC/PTRs. How this works is you buy ads on the other PTC/PTR websites you have joined or find new ones to join to buy ads on. You will want to buy cheap ads that will get you a lot of view for little money.
This isn't as easy as it sounds though. Certain countries are worth more and getting view from places like China won't earn you much money. To maximize your profit you will want to buy ads that target Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. But wait what are Tiers? Tiers are something important that you need to know about PTP. Each country is in a certain Tier. Most PTC/PTRs have 4-5 Tiers. When you buy ads you want to buy ads that target Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. These will earn you the most profit. You will get money based on how many clicks you get and depending on which country clicks it. Generally Tier 1 is worth 1 credit and tiers below that are worth percentages of 1 credit.
The next thing you need to watchout for is how much PTPs pay per 1000 credits. The least you should bother working with is .73 per 1000 credits. Anything lower will be too hard to find ads cheap enough to justify it and there are just better PTPs to join. Once you know which websites you want to promote at you need to find ads. The trick to buying ads is to buy only ads that focus Tiers. If you don't you probably will not get your money back. Then next thing you want to do is check the price of the ads. Now you'll need to do a little math. Generally Tier 2 is .6 credits a click and Tier 1 is 1 credit a click. I like to assume that I won't get ANY Tier 1 clicks even though you definitely do. I then take the amount of clicks the ad has and divide it by the amount of dollars it is worth. This will give you the amount of clicks the ad offers per dollar. I then assume that all these clicks are Tier 2 and multiply it by .6 to see how many credits the ad will give me per dollar. We then take the amount of credits per dollar and divide it by 1000 so we get the credits per 1000 and multiply it by the rate of the PTP. If this number is above 1 it means you are gauranteed over 1 dollar for every dollar you spend. This is of course assuming you are getting all Tier 2 clicks so since you will probably get Tier 1 clicks you will make even more. I would say the lowest number to accept is .9.
Here is an example to clarify this:
First lets set some variables.
Lets assume the PTP is .75 per 1000 credits.
Next lets assume the ad you are buying is 5000 Tier1/Tier2 clicks for $2.

So lets do some math!
To get clicks for dollar we divide the 5000 clicks by 2 dollars for 2500 clicks per dollar.
Then we multiply .6 by 2500 and get the amount of credits per dollar. This will give you 1500 credits per dollar.
Now we just divide this number by 1000 and then multiply it by .75. This number is 1.125.
So what this means now is that you will get 1.125 dollars for every 1000 Tier 2 clicks. Since you won't get only Tier 2 but Tier 1 ads as well you will make even more and this is a good ad to buy.

As you can see the profit margins are usually 10-20%. This isn't a lot at but as you have more and more money to buy ads you will see your money multiply. You also can buy ads with the points you get from clicking point ads on PTRs/PTCs and get even more money.

This concludes the basic intro to PTP. As I start to write reviews for websites I will also give these calculations and tell you whether their ads are worth buying and give you ratings for them.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The World of Paid To Click (PTC)

The PTC world is very large and is the easiest way to make money online. It also yields the least returns but what you put in is what you get. If you are on a path to making money online with no initial investment(except time) this is for you. This is a great way to step up to other ways to make money online such as HYIP, Autosurfs, Selling E Books or just to earn extra income.

But lets just start with the basics:

A PTC program is a Paid To Click program. They are also known as PTRs or Paid To Read. However, since there is no real way to make sure you have actually read the content, for our purposes we will call them Paid To Click. There are hundred of these sites around although not all of them pay well. The first thing to do is to join a couple and see how you like it.
There are certain features of the website you should be aware of. PTCs generally will ask you to sign up by giving them your email. This is normal so don't be alarmed. They are only doing this to make sure that you have a valid way to recieve the emails. As a result I would suggest opening a new gmail or any other type of email (besides hotmail or aol they don't seem to work well with these websites). Once you have done this and recieved an email you will then be able to fill out the registration and begin clicking emails. You may recieve emails to your actual email or your account's "inbox" on the actual website. You may want to go into the options and only choose the account's inbox on the website instead of your email as you may not want to click all the emails or like the amount of emails you get. You can also set up a filter so that messages that are sent to you are sorted into folders and out of your inbox. This can make dealing with all of the emails much easier.
Now that you know how to sign up I will go over the uses of PTC programs and how to maximize your profits like how I have. The descriptions will help you learn to categorize PTCs and choose the ones that best fit your time schedule and learn how to use them to make money quickly
1. Avoid PTCs that don't let you open multiple ads at once. These take forever to go through and even though they may have increased profit, for the time you spend on it it isn't worth it.
2. Use PTCs that don't have turning numbers. You'll find that many PTRs have turning numbers which tend to slow you down. I wouldn't worry too much about this and out of 5 stars I'd rate it as 1 on things to worry about.

Now that we have gone through the features here are some tips to make your clicking go faster.
1. Use SnapLinks. This is a plugin for firefox that allows you to open all links in the box you make by holding down right click and creating a box. This is very useful for opening all the emails that come into your inbox if you choose that option so you can read the message in each and click the link to verify that you have done so. You'll have to search google for the plugin version that works with Firefox 3.
2. There are many automated programs that you can use to click ads. My personal recommendation is don't use them. This is simply because it is against the terms of joining these sites. However, many people do use these programs on these sites to automate movements and admins aren't readily able to catch cheaters unless they click cheat links and most people watch their PC while they automate things anyway. They do work but eventually you will make mistakes and you'll get banned and lose your earnings and it isn't worth it.
3. The most important tip is to use PTP. That is how you will make most of your money and that is what PTCs are generally used for. The next article will talk about PTPs as simply clicking won't make you as much money as reinvesting your dollars or points(many websites have ads that are worth points) for ads that you can then buy and use for PTP.

Be ready for more on PTP later! Good luck for now!