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Monday, June 15, 2009

Pait to Promote (PTP)

So now that you've gotten an introduction to the PTC/PTR world you will want to move onto the next way to make money. Paid to Promote is where PTC/PTR sites really shine. This is where you will make the most of your profits but it's also where you will need to do the most thinking.

Paid to Promote is a feature of PTC/PTR websites that allows you to promote their specical website. There are rules however. You can't promote this website in autosurfs and a person can only click the link once. Also you can only promote it at websites they tell you to. Most of these websites are other PTC/PTRs. How this works is you buy ads on the other PTC/PTR websites you have joined or find new ones to join to buy ads on. You will want to buy cheap ads that will get you a lot of view for little money.
This isn't as easy as it sounds though. Certain countries are worth more and getting view from places like China won't earn you much money. To maximize your profit you will want to buy ads that target Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. But wait what are Tiers? Tiers are something important that you need to know about PTP. Each country is in a certain Tier. Most PTC/PTRs have 4-5 Tiers. When you buy ads you want to buy ads that target Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. These will earn you the most profit. You will get money based on how many clicks you get and depending on which country clicks it. Generally Tier 1 is worth 1 credit and tiers below that are worth percentages of 1 credit.
The next thing you need to watchout for is how much PTPs pay per 1000 credits. The least you should bother working with is .73 per 1000 credits. Anything lower will be too hard to find ads cheap enough to justify it and there are just better PTPs to join. Once you know which websites you want to promote at you need to find ads. The trick to buying ads is to buy only ads that focus Tiers. If you don't you probably will not get your money back. Then next thing you want to do is check the price of the ads. Now you'll need to do a little math. Generally Tier 2 is .6 credits a click and Tier 1 is 1 credit a click. I like to assume that I won't get ANY Tier 1 clicks even though you definitely do. I then take the amount of clicks the ad has and divide it by the amount of dollars it is worth. This will give you the amount of clicks the ad offers per dollar. I then assume that all these clicks are Tier 2 and multiply it by .6 to see how many credits the ad will give me per dollar. We then take the amount of credits per dollar and divide it by 1000 so we get the credits per 1000 and multiply it by the rate of the PTP. If this number is above 1 it means you are gauranteed over 1 dollar for every dollar you spend. This is of course assuming you are getting all Tier 2 clicks so since you will probably get Tier 1 clicks you will make even more. I would say the lowest number to accept is .9.
Here is an example to clarify this:
First lets set some variables.
Lets assume the PTP is .75 per 1000 credits.
Next lets assume the ad you are buying is 5000 Tier1/Tier2 clicks for $2.

So lets do some math!
To get clicks for dollar we divide the 5000 clicks by 2 dollars for 2500 clicks per dollar.
Then we multiply .6 by 2500 and get the amount of credits per dollar. This will give you 1500 credits per dollar.
Now we just divide this number by 1000 and then multiply it by .75. This number is 1.125.
So what this means now is that you will get 1.125 dollars for every 1000 Tier 2 clicks. Since you won't get only Tier 2 but Tier 1 ads as well you will make even more and this is a good ad to buy.

As you can see the profit margins are usually 10-20%. This isn't a lot at but as you have more and more money to buy ads you will see your money multiply. You also can buy ads with the points you get from clicking point ads on PTRs/PTCs and get even more money.

This concludes the basic intro to PTP. As I start to write reviews for websites I will also give these calculations and tell you whether their ads are worth buying and give you ratings for them.

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