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Saturday, June 20, 2009

ValePTR (PTC/PTP) Review


I feel like the last few reviews have been kinda on the downside. I decided today to review one of sites I actually like.

ValePTR is a great program all around. The ads are easy to click and there are LOTS of them. They range from point to cash and all are worth clicking here. If you are looking to buy ads for your PTP I suggest clicking their point ads as there are a lot of them and you can easily earn 1 ad every 3 days if you try. The ads to purchase for cash are also worth it. They are definitely a lot cheaper than some other websites but most importantly the offer ads that target Tier1/Tier2 countries (the highest earners). This is very important thing I look for in any program. While I haven't cashed out with this program they offer Liberty Reserve and I have talked to the admin a few times so I know the admin will be prompt in cashing out. Also there is no cashout fee which is important since many places have a 10% fee. The PTP of this program is upgrade to join. However the upgrade to join is quite cheap so once you've bought ads and used them for other PTPs you can use that profit to upgrade and start using the PTP here as well. It is definitely worth it.

Conclusion: ValePTR is a great program. Although it's PTP is upgrade to join the upgrade is cheap. The ads are also reasonable, target well, and if you are looking to click there is a lot to click on to earn that way as well.


Number of Ads to Click: 5/5
Ease of Clicking: 4.5/5
Price of Ads: 4.5/5
PTP Program: 3.5/5
Upgrades: 3.5/5
Cashout: 5/5


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