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Sunday, June 21, 2009

ButterflyMails (PTC) Review


So continuing the good note I am going to review ButterflyMails.

ButterflyMails is a website that focuses on PTC ads. The ad has PTCs sent through email and on the website. They offer lots of these to click. They also offer great PTP advertising. You can buy ads quite cheap and they target Tier1/Tier2. They accept lots of payment processors but only pay out to Paypal and Alertpay(They have E-gold but no one uses it and I do not suggest using E-Gold ever). There's not much other than clicking here and the upgrades aren't worth it at all so I don't suggest even bothering to look at them.

Conclusion: It's pretty much just a site to click PTP ads and buy them. Buy them here because they are cheap and worth it!


Number of Ads to Click: 5/5
Ease of Clicking: 5/5
Price of Ads: 5/5
PTP Program: 0/5
Upgrades: 0/5
Cashout: 3/5


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