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Monday, June 8, 2009

The World of Paid To Click (PTC)

The PTC world is very large and is the easiest way to make money online. It also yields the least returns but what you put in is what you get. If you are on a path to making money online with no initial investment(except time) this is for you. This is a great way to step up to other ways to make money online such as HYIP, Autosurfs, Selling E Books or just to earn extra income.

But lets just start with the basics:

A PTC program is a Paid To Click program. They are also known as PTRs or Paid To Read. However, since there is no real way to make sure you have actually read the content, for our purposes we will call them Paid To Click. There are hundred of these sites around although not all of them pay well. The first thing to do is to join a couple and see how you like it.
There are certain features of the website you should be aware of. PTCs generally will ask you to sign up by giving them your email. This is normal so don't be alarmed. They are only doing this to make sure that you have a valid way to recieve the emails. As a result I would suggest opening a new gmail or any other type of email (besides hotmail or aol they don't seem to work well with these websites). Once you have done this and recieved an email you will then be able to fill out the registration and begin clicking emails. You may recieve emails to your actual email or your account's "inbox" on the actual website. You may want to go into the options and only choose the account's inbox on the website instead of your email as you may not want to click all the emails or like the amount of emails you get. You can also set up a filter so that messages that are sent to you are sorted into folders and out of your inbox. This can make dealing with all of the emails much easier.
Now that you know how to sign up I will go over the uses of PTC programs and how to maximize your profits like how I have. The descriptions will help you learn to categorize PTCs and choose the ones that best fit your time schedule and learn how to use them to make money quickly
1. Avoid PTCs that don't let you open multiple ads at once. These take forever to go through and even though they may have increased profit, for the time you spend on it it isn't worth it.
2. Use PTCs that don't have turning numbers. You'll find that many PTRs have turning numbers which tend to slow you down. I wouldn't worry too much about this and out of 5 stars I'd rate it as 1 on things to worry about.

Now that we have gone through the features here are some tips to make your clicking go faster.
1. Use SnapLinks. This is a plugin for firefox that allows you to open all links in the box you make by holding down right click and creating a box. This is very useful for opening all the emails that come into your inbox if you choose that option so you can read the message in each and click the link to verify that you have done so. You'll have to search google for the plugin version that works with Firefox 3.
2. There are many automated programs that you can use to click ads. My personal recommendation is don't use them. This is simply because it is against the terms of joining these sites. However, many people do use these programs on these sites to automate movements and admins aren't readily able to catch cheaters unless they click cheat links and most people watch their PC while they automate things anyway. They do work but eventually you will make mistakes and you'll get banned and lose your earnings and it isn't worth it.
3. The most important tip is to use PTP. That is how you will make most of your money and that is what PTCs are generally used for. The next article will talk about PTPs as simply clicking won't make you as much money as reinvesting your dollars or points(many websites have ads that are worth points) for ads that you can then buy and use for PTP.

Be ready for more on PTP later! Good luck for now!

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