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Friday, June 19, 2009

World Wide Cash (PTC) Review


World Wide Cash is an example of a PTC/PTP that has fallen from greatness into ruin. It started off an extremely popular website with lots of members and is now down to a PTC website with a bad PTP (points only and definitely not worth it) and bad ad options. All in all World Wide Cash was great when it's PTP was working. It was similar to Donkeymails in that it's PTC wasn't so great and either was it's ads but they still weren't bad either. It's PTC is still almost an even exchange meaning for every ad you click you will be able to buy an ad in their redemption section. Paying direct cash was risky and not worth it however. Also despite their many advertisements of no minimum payout those days are over and now there is actually a minimum.

Conclusion: There isn't much to say about World Wide Cash other than if you need some extra ads and don't want to pay for them this is where you start. Their PTC section is reason and gives you 1 point per ad. An ad package of 1500 clicks costs 1550 points so that's pretty reasonable. Other than that there is nothing left for this site until it's PTP section comes back up.


Number of Ads to Click: 3/5
Ease of Clicking: 2/5
Price of Ads: 2/5
PTP Program: 0/5
Upgrades: 0/5
Cashout: 4/5


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