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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aquamails (PTC/PTP) Review

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Aquamails is a site I would describe as mostly average. I guess I would say it's the industry standard. It's got a weak PTP, a decent amount of ads to click but not a lot, and not many incentives to click. However despite being quite average it does have great ads to purchase! They are currently running a special deal that gives you quite a lot of clicks for a little bit of money. Speaking about PTP, Aquamails has a PTP I wouldn't recommend doing unless you are sure you got good ads that target high and were cheap. Their Tier1 is only the US, their Tier 2 is the other countries that are normally in Tier 1 like Canada, and their Tier 3 is like other places Tier 2. The Tier 4 at their website is all the other websites and you only get 1 credit per 1000 clicks. It's definitely not worth doing this PTP. Other than that though it's a great place to ad if you are looking to click more ads and buy more ads.

Conclusion: Aquamails is a mostly average website except for its ads which are very decently priced. More websites should take pricing schemes that help people make a profit in PTP, like this one. Definitely don't try the PTP though unless you realize you'll be getting around .5-.4 credits per thousand when targeting Tier/Tier2. Join this one to ad more profit if you can handle your other sites.


Number of Ads to Click: 3/5
Ease of Clicking: 5/5
Price of Ads: 5/5
PTP Program: 1/5
Upgrades: 1/5
Cashout: 3/5

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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