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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Quest to Getting Paid Online

I've been on the GPT ( Get Paid To) seen for about a year now on and off trying to learn how to get paid online. This blog will hopefully inform you of the good places to use to earn money online and help you avoid all of the scams and the time wasters. There are quite a few ways to earn online. There is PTR(Paid to Read) which has you click and read ads on a website or read and click a link in an email. Then there is PTP (Paid to Promote) which has you promote website links with certain restrictions. There is PTSU (Paid To Sign Up) which has you sign up for websites and offers for cash. Then there are AutoSurfs and HYIPs(High Yield Investment Programs) which have you put money in and gain "interest".
I've done each one of these and I'll be using this blog to share my experiences with the programs I am in and show you how to make money with these programs as well.

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