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Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Top Sites!

This is going to be my Top Sites page. There will be a link to it on the front page and it will be edited whenever to reflect the current states of programs. I am simply going to list my top sites by category and then overall. This is just to help people if they need more PTP programs, Click programs, or places to buy ads etc. Up to 3 will be listed in each section for now so people just know my favorites.

Most Ads to Click Programs:
1. PayingCash
2. ValePTR
3. WorldWide-Cash

Top PTP Programs:
1. Xray-Cash
2. Donkeymails

Top Places To Buy Ads (Target All Tiers):
1. WorldWide-Cash

Top Places To Buy Ads (Tier1/Tier2)
1. RoseBizs
2. ButterflyMails
3. ValePTR

Best Place To Redeem Points/Cash for Ads:
1. WorldWide-Cash
2. ButterflyMails
3. ValePTR

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