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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Xray-Cash (PTC/PTP) Review


Xray-Cash is a great website. In fact I would probably rank it in the top 5 overall. There are so many good things about this website. There are a good amount of ads to click although there is a turning number but you can usually get through all of them with only seeing a turning number 2-3 times. Then you can also buy ads with the points you get. The ads are well priced but the part that really is good is the upgrade. The upgrade gives you a great a mount of ads for the amount of points you spend. The best part about this website is the PTP though. There are 2 links to promote and Tier 2 countries give you a ton of credits as well. In fact, each tier definitely is higher up on the credit line than most websites. If you are doing any PTP this is a MUST have website.
There are two thing I don't like about Xray-Cash though. It's expensive to actually use money here to buy your ads so expect to click and exchange if you want to use this website to advertise. They also don't target to Tier1/Tier2 in any ads so you'll have to worry about that as well. Other than these 2 things this is an amazing website though.

Conclusion: Xray-Cash is one of the best websites out there. A free and amazing PTP, a good amount of ads to click, and a great point upgrade make it a must join and promote for anyone who does PTP.


Number of Ads to Click: 3/5
Ease of Clicking:3/5
Price of Ads: 3/5
PTP Program: 5/5
Upgrades: 5/5
Cashout: 5/5


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